Family and Kids in the Woods


Kids and the woods just seem to go together.  Remember when there were only three or four television channels?  Computers only existed in science labs and on shows like Star Trek and Lost in Space.  I don't know about you, but I often heard from my folks the decree "Go outside!"  That was the very best place to be in the end.  Being outside meant to be reconnected with nature.  Our imaginations launched amazing scenarios, letting us be pioneers in the wilderness one day, or animal explorers the next.  Even when we tired of imaginative play, we still found plenty to do: games like hide and seek, and Capture the Flag kept us running.  A quick dunk in the lake brought a refreshing break in the action.  The summer days seemed endless.

Here at Heston's, we are working on a new program for families with children.  We are preparing activities to do in the woods, be it exploring, hiking to destinations, scavenger and treasure hunts, or simply blowing giant bubbles.  Each activity will have its own knapsack of materials and guidebooks, available to borrow from the lodge.  Most things will need parental supervision, but the kids will likely be able to lead the way.  Be sure to check back this winter, to learn more details about our knapsack program.