Journal Making

Last week, Sharlene and I joined in with some of our neighbors to participate in a journal making workshop.  The purpose of it was to learn how to make these small books to be used at Chik Wauk museum next summer, as part of a children's naturalist program.  Karen, a fellow fiber guild member and book maker extraordinaire, guided us through the steps necessary:  fold, glue, tape and tie.  In no time, we had several journals piled up in a box.

The next step was the fun one--collaging the covers.  The table was filled with old calendars, outdoor magazines, and colorful papers for us to choose from.  We did more cutting and gluing, and soon had a nice little display, ready for photographs. 

Next summer, when you visit Chik Wauk, you may see one of these books in the hands of a budding naturalist.  Or watch for announcements about journal-making workshops at the museum, and make one of your own.  But remember, as Karen told us, it won't be a book until you write something in it.