Our Newest Chef

With no formal training to speak of, Paul has been able to display a wonderful set of skills in the kitchen.  He has been living at home for several months now, following graduation from college.  While he was at school, he would throw dinner parties with friends.  Occasionally he would call to ask about a favorite recipe from his childhood. But mostly, he honed his tastes and skills on his own.

Greg and I have been the fortunate recipients of this.  Many times this winter and spring, Paul planned the menu and made dinner.  In February, we had an amazing Spanish meal, with names like Pan con Tomate Y Anchoa  and Carne En Salsa Meson Poqueira.  I can hardly spell them properly, let alone pronounce them correctly.  But let me tell you, I can eat them just fine, and they were amazing.


The tapa was finely sliced aged Parmesan, with a topping of sun-dried tomatoes and ancho peppers.  Superb with a sip of good wine.  He also made salad, a meat pie with pork and venison, and a paella dish of rice and vegetables.  We ate like royalty that night.  I think that to cook good food like this, one needs to enjoy eating such.  Paul definitely has great taste.  And as a side note, he makes some awesome homebrew, too. More on that in the future.