More snow, more fun

It was a busy weekend, with lots of folks up for skiing and fishing. The sauna got a work out at night, and several brave folks jumped through the hole that Paul chopped out in the ice. I saw some photographs, and offered to put them on this blog, but that was declined. I'll try to find a photo of my nephew jumping in, to share. It is quite a thing to see!

We had some sledders heading down the hill this weekend, too. Several years ago, when the kids were still going to school in Grand Marais, they would get a week off in February. We would choose that week for our sledding Olympics. We got a stopwatch, and we would time each other coming down the hill. It was a blast! I can't recall now who won for the fastest time, but I do know that I went the farthest. I had started at the top of the hill, by the third power pole, and I was able to slide all the way to our back door. It was quite a run. We also figured out that five trips up the hill was equivalent to a mile. Now that is a good workout!

This evening, before it got dark, we had a buck come in. He was on the small side, but he still had both of his antlers. It looked like he had about eight points. Paul was hoping to get the deer to lose an antler right here, and tried to encourage that by running along side the deer. When he came back in, he reported that the deer had won, and still had both antlers on its head! Greg, Robert and Paul have all been out hiking on the deer trails, but so far have not come home with any antler finds. It is that time of the year, and sometimes it is as easy as walking on the right path or, as Greg has done, plowing down a driveway to find an antler in the middle. It is always an exciting treasure to discover.