Close Encounter

This post is from Greg----

"I was on my way home from plowing snow this morning. I rounded a bend on County Road 5o just as a large wolf was about to cross. He had jumped out into the road, saw my truck coming, and didn't like his chances. So he did an about-face and jumped back over the bank and into the woods. When I got to where his impressive footprints were, I shut off the truck's engine.

Often times when a wolf wants to go somewhere and has to turn back because of a truck or car, it will walk beyond the first row of shelter-giving trees and just wait you out. This was the case today, as I spied the wolf twenty feet away. Most of his body was visible through the trees and he looked like the same big dark guy I had seen last month. A piece of fur was hanging from the ear area, dangling past the base of his jaw, and jiggling every time the wolf turned his head. Perhaps it was the result of an enounter with a deer or of getting kicked out of the pack. Didn't seem to do much harm, though.

After four minutes of watching each other, the sound of a truck coming chased me out of there, allowing the wolf to continue on with its plans. "