Yet Another Woodpecker: The Black Backed

On Saturday, while we were up at the end of the trail, we got to see a black-backed woodpecker, working on a pine tree in the burn area. I heard him before I saw him, and was delighted to see that it was a male. The little yellow spot on his head was the clue. Unfortunately, we didn't get a real good picture of him, but if you look closely here, you can see him just beyond the branches. It is not a commonly sighted bird, so we feel pretty lucky!
Our birdfeeders have been crazy lately with what Greg calls tweety birds. I've seen the usual chickadees and nuthatches, and we've been swarmed with juncoes and purple finches. The feeders and ground below them are a frenzy of activity most of the day.
Last week, we noticed a pair of sharp-shinned hawks flying frequently overhead outside the lodge. Our guess was that they were probably building a nest nearby, and in fact, Greg did see them make an attempt at mating. Today, someone stopped in to use the phone, and she said that she had just seen a hawk in the trees near the bird feeder, and it was pursuing one of the small birds. I don't know if it was successful in its meal, but it is a continuation of the type of events that I saw earlier this week with the wolf and the deer. Nature is so amazing....if I just keep my eyes and ears open.