Working on Winter Tracks

Seems there is always something to fill the days, when you own your own business. Lately, my attention has been directed towards the upcoming festival, Winter Tracks. I am the registrar of the committee, and as we near the big event, other jobs come along to build in to my days.

Heston's will be a busy spot for the festival. On Thursday, I am hosting a sock knitting meet-up. I tried this last year, mainly because we wanted to add some indoor events to our line-up of outdoor activities. Sadly, no one was able to join me. And without other knitters here, I didn't get to knit! But I am trying it again this year, and I already know of one person who is game to come. Even if you don't knit socks, come on along and join us!

On Friday, we will again be firing up the bread oven to bake pizza, from one to three in the afternoon. This will be our third year of hot pizza slices on a winter afternoon. Doesn't that sound tasty? I have a wonderful memory of skiing in the mountains of New Mexico, some twenty-eight years ago....when we got off the chairlift at the top, I could smell bratwurst and polish sausage being grilled outside. Of course, we had to go have one! Why not make your own memory, with pizza and cross-country skis at our place?

Saturday morning, we will be hosting a snow sculpture competition on the lake in front of the lodge. Now this is one activity that I am really looking forward to watching. Again a memory from years ago involves a snow sculpture festival that the Art Colony sponsored on the Gunflint Trail, back in the early 90's. Watching the sculptors work was amazing. They started with a drawing of their concept, and soon I could see it emerging from the block of snow. How do they do that? At one point they asked if they could borrow a spatula to do some finishing work on one spot, and I noticed the variety of tools they were employing....shovels, scoops, spades, spoons (funny, they all begin with "s"). If you are interested in carving, then by all means, plan to come on over.

The list of activities at all of the resorts is a long one. Check it out on the website, and make some plans to come up to the Trail the weekend of February 26-March 1. It's a great way to have some winter fun!