Frosty Photos

It was another cloudy day, but fortunately, I still have photos of the clear blue sky from a few days ago. The frost that day was not real heavy on everything, but it did seem to favor coating the littlest branches. Out of curiosity, I went looking through last year's pictures, to see what might have been happening at that time. I found the one below, which is a real stunner. We didn't get to see hoarfrost quite that thick and heavy this time around. But who knows, maybe some odd weather pattern will blow in at some point, carrying enough moisture to frost the trees. In the meantime, the pictures are fun.

It was a good day for painting, which is how I spent my time at Diamond Willow. As I walked back late in the evening, the almost-full moon was shining brightly through a light cloud cover. The snow was lit up enough to see without a flashlight. Up ahead, I saw something in the road. When it moved, I recognized it as a little fox, who was not expecting to see me. It ran ahead a bit, then paused to look back at me. When it finally figured out that I was human, it took off at a fast clip and disappeared into the woods. The most interesting part was the silent footsteps...not a sound they made, in contrast to the constant crunch of snow under my feet.