A Little Holiday Cheer

Lest anyone think that our palette right now is all about white and black and blue, I thought that it was time for a bit of the other colors thrown in. These are not from the landscape, but they are colorful just the same.

Each year, our Northwood Fiber Guild hosts a holiday sale on the first Saturday of December. It is always a wonderful display of the works of our many artists and artisans. We hold it at the Art Colony in Grand Marais, where we have been for the past twenty or so years. The show has garnered quite a following, for which we are most grateful. People line up, sometimes right out the door, in anticipation of finding just the perfect treasure for a gift or for themselves. It's a lovely way to usher in the season.

Some years I have made things to sell, some not. This year has been about remodeling projects here at home, so I did not bring anything. Addie has sold some of her clothing designs in the recent past. But college has kept her too busy to have produced anything. There's always next year!

Something that really tickled my fancy, though, was the combination of socks and handwoven rug. I was cashiering, and the customer kindly agreed to let me take a photo of her two purchases. I was imagining how it might look to go home and put those socks on, stand on the rug, and take a picture of that! Sometimes we all need a bit of crazy color in our lives.