Summer Favorites

June has always been one of my favorite months here on Gunflint Lake. Currently, May is working its way up in popularity as well. The beautiful sunsets are one reason why. Because the days are longer, the sun goes down around nine or so in the evening. All that daylight is a big bonus. But then to have the beauty to end it all is just the icing on the cake, as they say.

I love the return of all the warm sunshine and temperatures, and the promise that the summer ahead brings. The days are extra busy, but it seems there is usually time for a quiet moment on the porch in mid-afternoon. The birds are busy singing while I sit there, and often the hummingbirds will come by. I am hearing the return of old favorites, and occasionally seeing them, too. A black and white warbler was busy in the birch tree at the corner of the lodge yesterday. The leaves are still pretty small, so I had excellent viewing of this particular bird. I also like it when a bird has a straight-forward name such as this one. Sure makes it easier to remember!

The lake has remained calm for today, and that always seems to be an invitation to go out in a canoe. I have yet to do it, but as mentioned above, the promise of summer should allow me that sometime soon. How about you? What do you look forward to this summer?