In Pursuit of a Good Burger

In our travels in the past year, Greg and I have found places that advertise "The Best...(whatever)" their specialty might be. We don't usually go for things like that, but we decided to test out the hamburgers at a couple of places making this claim. While good, we both agreed that the best burgers we have ever enjoyed have been right here in Cook County. Last Sunday, we had the chance to re-test that theory at one of our favorite local spots.

Once again, it was a Sunday that took us to Sag Lake Trail, this time to retrieve the dock that we had recently purchased from a neighbor. In order to recruit the young muscle around here to help us, we bribed them with the promise of lunch at Trail's End Cafe. After loading the dock into the back of Greg's truck, we headed up.

When I walk in the door at Mark's cafe, I always know exactly what I am going to eat: a mushroom and Swiss burger, fries, and coleslaw. Last year, I took Greg there for his birthday, and had that. When you know a winner, there is no reason to switch. The burgers are hand-formed and are generously portioned, with an excellent seasoning blended in. Juicy, flavorful, cooked to order and served on a french roll, I am always satisfied. The fries are a treat that I only allow myself once a month, and the slaw is crunchy and tasty, not too strong the way cabbage sometimes can be. Overall, an excellent meal and one we highly recommend. Why we take a chance on burgers at other locations is mystery to me, when the best burger I've had on the Trail is just a short--and beautiful--drive away.

And if you happen to be in that neck of the woods and have a call to make, this rare find, a pay telephone, is in the parking lot adjacent to the restaurant's driveway. It's not easy to find those dinosaurs anymore, in the age of cell phones.