Spring Cleaning

It's clean up time in these parts, and that means the end of a season. During the winter, Greg makes homebrew on the back porch of the lodge. He has been brewing for better than twenty-five years now. In that time, he has refined his beer in many ways....and his equipment and methods, too. He chooses to brew in the coldest times, because that means the air is sterile and free of things that could potentially infect the beer. By boiling the mash, cooling the wort, and pitching the yeast outside, chances are high the final product will be excellent.

But now it is spring, and the lively little natural yeasts are beginning to fill the air. So we loaded up the truck to stow away the gear until next winter. No worries, though, about running out of beer. Both Paul and I have begun brewing in recent months. We do a simplified version of beer-making: we use malt extract instead of all-grain. It's as easy as cooking soup, and we can make it on the kitchen stovetop.

So, as I was saying, we loaded up the truck to put away the...Hey! Wait a minute....

Would you look at that! A few years ago, we upgraded all of the cookware in the cabins, with some nice Wolfgang Puck stainless steel pots and pans, and clear poly lids. If you come to stay in one of our cabins, and the lid for your big pot is missing, I think I know where it is!