Bass on a Stick

One of my favorite things is when kids catch fish, big or small. This is an older photo of my nephew, proudly showing off his bass, which literally was caught on that stick. He was up to visit with his family. They rigged up poplar branches with hook and line, and fished right from the dock. Sam impressed me a lot with his skill in landing this fellow. For other, more experienced fishermen, this may not have qualified as a keeper, but in my book, it was.

We've had an assortment of fishing folks in this past week, and it has been a challenge. The weather was not really in our favor, as many days brought rain. Since the water level remains low, it was a lot of work to get up in to North Lake. Once there, it seemed that fishing was best for northern and small-mouth bass. The trout and walleye have been hiding more than usual. One family has been exploring new territory by trailering their boat up to Seagull, and learning about a different lake. It's all an adventure.

Even with the rainy days, folks seem pretty happy. It really is true, the worst day of fishing is still better than the best day at work. Sitting around the campfire last night, we had a great time re-telling the fishing stories of the past. It all helps to create new memories, things to add to the library of good times. It's those moments that sustain as we continue onward.