Call Her Ms. Peel, Please

This is our seventh summer of hosting pizza picnics at the bread oven. After all that time, we have a pretty good routine down. I roll the crusts, and Greg mans the peel. That means that he is responsible for putting pizzas into the oven, baking them, and then removing them before they burn. One of our guests calls him Mr. Peel, because he is so practiced it at. (Of course, that led to a whole conversation about the old television show called the Avengers, and who played Mrs. Peel, and all of that type of stuff. Funny where things can take you.) This set-up has worked well through the years, except when things get really busy, and Greg hasn't had a chance to make and eat a pizza for himself. That's what finally prompted him to make an exception, and allow for some help behind the tables. Enter Addie:

Tonight was her first experience at learning the peel. We had about forty people show up to enjoy some pizza delights, and Addie learned the fine art of pushing crusts in and taking out masterpiece pizzas. I could see her progress from some awkward first attempts to very smooth moves while keeping those little disks centered on the peel. Whoa, there's some red shoes you think that they made a difference? Whatever it was, Addie now has yet another skill that she can add to her resume in the future---that of a budding pizzaiolo.

(Sorry for the short posts lately. Life's been really busy! You can tell by how late each day I get around to posting. I'll do my best to catch up one day soon.)