Speed Racers

Well, that time went by pretty quickly! Sometimes I pause to contemplate my life in fortnight segments. If I am in the midst of a big project, I think to the moment two weeks ahead, where I may be in the process, and whether it will be finished. Or if there is a lot on the calendar in that amount of time, I am figuring out how to get here, there, and everywhere and keep on schedule. For whatever reason, that is how my mind likes to plan. And now it's been fifteen days since my last post. Life has been full, with work, family, and fun, and spring has been speed racing the whole time.

The weather finally gave us the pearls I was looking for---some nice, warm days, all strung together like a necklace. It allowed the leaves to burst forth, and we are enjoying that intense and energetic lime green. My tulips look lively, with yellow and red buds waiting to open up. The birds are awake by four a.m., singing their songs of the season. Even the bugs are out and about now, which can be cause for a few grumbles. But once again, we remind ourselves about their job of pollinating our berry plants. When I savor the fresh pan of blueberry crisp that Addie made with berries from the freezer, even the blackflies look good.

We finished the cleaning and prep for the fishing opener, attended Paul's graduation ceremony, packed up Addie's dorm room and brought her home, and got back to work. Greg opened up several sprinkler systems, while I began to sort and parcel "stuff" to be given away in the annual Gunflint Trail rummage sale. The sale took place last weekend. Since this was the second year, I think it may be safe to say that it will be an annual event. We set things up in my old studio cabin, which now has a good roof, but still needs some work. It was out of the rain, and that was important. We still have many things to pass along, so if you are in our neighborhood, be sure to stop in and see if you can find some treasures. Some is free, a lot is cheap.

Despite the frenetic pace, I still find a few moments for keeping an eye and an ear open to what might be taking place outside. On Sunday morning, the lodge was quiet, and soon I could hear the loons calling. It wasn't long before they were really singing, and since it was nearby, I grabbed the camera and walked to the landing. Two loons were on the lake, just a short ways west. I watched as they started to race across the water's surface, headed in my direction. It was fascinating to watch their speed race, as they traveled past the lodge and on towards the point. I thought that they would see me and stop to dive. But they continued on past, and turned to swim back, as though they were racing in laps. Even after the camera stopped, they continued, though they took the show to the west. It must be the beginning of mating season, and this may be a test! I think they passed.