When the road finally has snowbanks...

And the trees are all frosted... begins to actually feel like winter. Here we are, better than a month into this season, and it is starting to look like its usual self. Paul and I returned from a short road trip, and in our absence, six fresh inches of snow had fallen. Add that to the "roughly one foot" on the ground, and it becomes necessary to wear boots most of the time. It feels good.

Snow has been with us since Thanksgiving. It's just been skimpy. That's at least a little better than most of the state. But when it comes to the white flakes, I'm greedy. I'll take all that we can get, and more. Now that the depths are up around eighteen inches, I'm feeling a little more comfortable.

The weather has been mild, with only a brief spell down into the sub-zero temperatures. It seems that our snow falls when the thermometer is in the high twenties to low thirties. It's nice not having to bundle up, head to toe, with only a small space between hat and scarf to see out. And it makes for very comfortable skiing.

Addie and I had a chance to try out the Lonely Lake trail before her school break was over. It was in terrific shape. Paul had an adventure one day when he decided to snowshoe the South Rim, to the High Cliffs, and then he skied back on the Lonely Lake trail. Our guests have been out enjoying all the various trails, and reports come back that all is well.

On one final note in praise of winter, it always warms my heart to see our buddy Eduardo decked out like this: