A Tapestry in Orange

October 3, 2012

It's been a pleasant surprise this autumn to watch the colorful tapestry unfold around us. Since we haven't had much in the way of rain in two months, I didn't expect to see a usual color change.  Indeed, the birch leaves began to turn brown, curl up,  and just fall off the trees, back in early September.  But in the last two weeks, the rest of the trees have exploded in amazing shades of gold and orange that have more than made up for the birch display.

The weather, too, has been delightful.  A week ago, we were experiencing damp, cold and windy days. Then something changed and the wind died down. The clouds cleared and the temps went up into the sixties. Loads of sunshine warmed us all day long. The lake was like glass for much of this time, perfect for canoe and kayak jaunts.  One day, while over at Birch cabin, I caught sight of something flashing on the Canadian shoreline. A closer look revealed a second flash, and I realized that it was a kayak paddle as someone ventured along. It was perfect weather for it.

Along with the color and summery weather, it has been quite peaceful.  A lot of people commented on that, and I decided one day not to spoil the quiet by running the woodsplitter.  When a slight breeze came up, it rattled a few leaves, and I could hear them falling to the ground.

The main color of this season has been orange, everywhere I look.  As I walked to a cabin one evening to turn on the porch light, I felt like the glow from the foliage could light the way. It's spectacular.

But now that tapestry is beginning to unravel. The winds came stronger yesterday, and blew a lot of leaves down. The familiar outline of bare branches is beginning to emerge, and I realized that I am not quite ready for that landscape. Fortunately, we will still have the backdrop of all the pines and cedars to fill in the skyline.  They are donning their darker, more drab green. Tomorrow, something new will be ushered in by the wind, and snow has already been mentioned in the forecast. Whether I am ready or not is a moot point.  Change is here, and I may as well just enjoy the ride. We have one last day of warmth in the forecast, and I plan to make the most of it.