Winner Takes All

Snow continues to be the big story for those of us in what is now the great white north.  Following the four+ inches last week, another six-eight fell in various locations on the Upper Trail.  Closer to town, the totals were higher, thanks to a strong east wind that kicked up some lake-effect snow.  Monday was sunny and bright, as evidenced by this photo.  Definitely a day to use sunglasses.  With the ever-climbing sun, we are seeing rays and shadows in places that have been shaded since November. 

As I wrote the other day, it is almost like a lottery, watching the forecasts and wondering who will win the most snowfall.  One moment, we hear 8-13 inches, the next, they have downgraded us to 6-10.  I finally quit looking, since it doesn't much matter.  What we end up with is the real thing that makes a difference. 

Our friend John skiied into his remote cabin on Friday.  Before leaving, he shared that he really hoped that he would get snowed in.  That is a dream I love to have, and occasionally it has come true.  I told Greg this morning that if we truly do get a dumping, I'll have to make a batch of cookies for John, as a thank you for making it happen.  For some folks, I know this would definitely be a moment of "Be careful what you wish for."  Not here.  We'll take it, whatever we can get.  Greedy? Not so much!