In the Pink

The weekend was well-spent, participating a bit in the festivities of Mush for a Cure, the breast cancer research fund-raiser.  The weather was fantastic, and the despite warm temps, the snow held out. 

On Friday, Greg, Paul and I volunteered our crack kitchen services down at Windigo Lodge for the pasta dinner.  A sizable crowd filled the dining room, and everywhere we looked, it was pink.  Greg and Paul did there part, donning colorful neckties.  There was some debate regarding the true nature of the color pink, but surprisingly, no discussion as to what constitutes a tie.  Later in the evening, Paul sat in for a set on the bass, with his old 'mates in the Trails End band.  Many folks danced the night away.

Meanwhile, Addie was on her way home with neighbors, since it is spring break time.  How lucky are we that she chooses to come home, rather than head to some other exotic locale?  She was able to jump into the fun on Saturday, and her classic pink tutu was well-received in the large crowd gathered for the start of the dogsled race.  Nearly every one was decked out, and she even had an offer of a trade:  a pink wig for her skirt.  She turned it down, as she has so much fun whenever she wears the skirt.  I like to say that every girl deserves a pink tutu! Besides, the offer came from someone who immediately sped by on the back of a dog sled.

Today is an unbelievable day, filled with loads of sunshine and a warm south breeze.  It's the kind of day to sit out on the back porch and sip coffee, while feeling the power of the sun warming our faces.  The fishermen who left earlier were sporting sunburns from their time on the ice.  But since they were taking trout home with them, they didn't mind at all.