The Importance of Water

Here at Heston's Lodge, we are blessed with excellent water.  We have three wells that are tested annually.  Of the three, we like the one at the lodge the best.  I remember when I was growing up, my dad worked for the municipal water and gas department.  He would always say, "Lake Superior water!  We have the best water in the world!"  It was more than just the company line.  It was true--we loved our water and its fresh, clean taste.

When I met Greg and began to visit the lodge, one of the early things he told me was that Heston's had the best water in the world.  How could that be?  I already knew where the best was.  But when I tasted it, I had to admit that it truly was very good.  Over the years, as the water back home had to be chlorinated, I had noticed the taste creeping in.  Here, right from the well, the water is its pure, sweet self.

Whenever we travel, we like to bring our own water along, if at all possible.  The car, our schoolbus, whatever, we try to save space for some jugs of our own resource.  It's what we are used to.  While camping, the jugs would inevitably get emptied, and we would refill them at the campground spigot.  Those refilled jugs would get a special mark on them, and we would begin to hoard whatever Gunflint water was left.  Sometimes, we were lucky to have at least a little when we were heading back to home, and the source.  Sure, we could grow accustomed to all the other water, but it just wasn't the same.  Even bottled water from the store is different, almost flavorless.

Here is a video that illustrates how much our water means to us.  Enjoy--and next time you are here, we'll be happy to serve you a big glassful!