Wake Up Call

This fine June morning brought me this view when I first looked out.  The lake was veiled in a haze that obscured the opposite shoreline.  This must be summer's version of "I can't see Canada."  In the winter, that means the snow is falling heavily.  For me, it meant the perfect moment to grab the morning cup of coffee and head to the dock to watch the early day unfold.

I guess that even morning has to have a wake-up call on occasion.  The breeze was light, keeping the mosquitoes at bay.  Only one bothered to find me, and she was quickly dispatched.  Two seagulls kept me company, floating near, ever watchful of the opportunity for something to eat.  Lately, I've seen a bird or two lunching on the dock.  Scattered around me were morsels of fish flesh from yesterday's meal.

As the sun grew stronger, the haze began to recede, revealing that familiar view across to Canada.  The waves were lapping the shoreline and the dock, and a motorboat sped past on the north side of the lake.  Headed east, I'm certain that they were out in search of those walleyes and bass I've been hearing about down in Little Gunflint Lake.

Soon enough, the cloud curtain had pulled back almost completely, with just a bit left at the west end of Gunflint Lake.  The trees and the lake were showing off their colors as the morning sun shone on them.

What a way to start the weekend!