Snowy Spring

As spring times go, this one feels really normal. Large snow banks punctuate the landscape, the ground is more white than brown, and the thermometer does not seem to want to move out of the thirties. In general, it still looks a lot like winter.

Yesterday, new snow fell on us, all day long. At the same time, the roof was dripping, indicating that it was melting. It's such an interesting time of the year. I enjoy watching the struggle between the old season, trying hard to hang on, and the new one ahead.  Some days, it feels like spring is getting a good foothold. Other days, not so much.


Despite the best efforts on both sides of the struggle, some signs of progress continue.  While I was in Grand Marais today, I noticed some ducks in the harbor.  They were bobbing along on the waves, and occasionally would pop below the surface.  They were too far away for me to identify, but it was good to see them just the same.  Closer to home, Sharlene reports that our raven pair have begun nesting.  She watches them exchange places on the nest, each taking a turn so the other can eat.  The crows have been raising a racket in the neighborhood.  I've even spotted them doing their best to eat off the small suet ball that we have hanging off the porch. 

I know that some folks are not happy about this extension of winter.  Not me.  It feels like things are on a more usual schedule.  Even when the snow is still falling, I know that soon it will all be gone, and that the power of the sunshine will win out.  Before we know it, we will be seeing green shoots from the ground, mud season will be over, and this winter will be just a memory.