Marching Towards a New Season

When the calendar turns to March, I look forward to the abundant sunshine that generally arrives at the same time.  This has been true so far this month, and my Vitamin D levels are grateful.  It’s been an amazing winter in several ways, one that many of us up here term a “good” winter.  Lots of snow, lots of cold.  When I look through my pictures, there is an incredible abundance of white.  My mind has a tough time finding words to write about all of that white, which accounts for part of my radio silence these many months.  A seasonal change inspires new thoughts.  Sometimes, the best way for a blog post to take shape is when a title or a snippet of a phrase rolls through ticker-tape-style in my head. I look forward to getting back to some regularly writing. 

In the meantime, here are a few photos from recent meanderings around the property.  We had a brief warm-up the last couple of days, but in no way did it dent the piles.  More than once I have found myself wishing that I still had a little boy or two around here, as the fort-building opportunities abounded.