Canoeing the Lakes

Heston’s is located on the south shore of Gunflint Lake, about halfway down the length of the lake.  To the east is Little Gunflint Lake, and to the northwest is Magnetic Lake. Either direction affords some excellent choices for day-paddling.  Bridal Falls is three miles east, also on the south side of the lake.  A short walk into the woods brings you to the base of the falls.  There is a connecting trail to reach the top of the falls, where the trail meets up with the Border Route.  The falls is fed by a creek from Crab Lake, and sometimes, a moose will be in the little pond at the top of the climb.  If not, it still is a beautiful trek and well worth the paddling to see.

Paddling to the west, you can go to Magnetic Lake, and on to Little Rock Falls. This is an entry point into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  It is approximately a seven-mile paddle to get there.  The portage to the falls is a short hike, especially without a canoe on your shoulders!  It is mostly over rock, so  you will have 

some  ups and downs to negotiate.  In the springtime, the trail can be dotted with moccasin flowers, a relative of the state flower, the showy lady slipper.

We have canoes for guests to use at no charge. Paddles and life jackets are included.  If guests would like to transport a canoe to another lake for day use, we have the equipment to help you do this.  At this time, we do not rent canoes for overnight trips.

Visiting Canada on the north shore of Gunflint Lake requires a special permit, called the CANPASS, or Remote Area Border Crossing Permit. This must be obtained in advance.  Allow 6-8 weeks for processing.  To read more about how to get the pass, go to:  CANPASS .