Hiking the Trails


Trail List

South Rim              Centennial Trail

Bryce Breon           Blueberry Hill

High Cliffs              Border Route to Bridal Falls

Lonely Lake           Caribou Rock

Magnetic Rock       Kekakabic Trail

Honeymoon Bluff

Heading into the woods on a trail is one of my favorite summer activities.  Fortunately, trail choices abound in our area.  Several of the ski trails are great for hiking.  Our location is adjacent to the Border Route Trail, a footpath that is now part of the North Country Trail system. A number of spur trails off of the Border Route make for wonderful day hikes.

Nearby, the Kekakabic Trail is our foot link to Ely, a 38-mile trek to the end of the Fernberg Road.  In recent years, the US Forest Service constructed a new trail in the vicinity of the Kek trailhead.  This is called the Centennial Trail, and it has become a new family favorite to hike.

Proper footwear is recommended when venturing out into the woods.  Sturdy shoes, such as tennis shoes, or boots are good choices.  It is difficult to hike safely in flip-flops and some sandals, as the terrain is sometimes rocky and uneven.  Decent footwear makes for a happy hiker.  It is also necessary to carry adequate water or other beverages, to stay hydrated while on the trail.  Personally, we look at each hike as an opportunity for a picnic, be it a regular meal or a small snack.  A bite to eat insures good energy as we move along.