Snowshoeing the Gunflint Trail

For a change of pace, why not try snowshoeing while you are staying with us?  I’ve heard it said that cross-country skis are the jaguars of snowsports, and showshoes are the jeeps.  In other words, they can take you almost anywhere, on back country trails, or off-roading, whatever you prefer.

Snowshoe trails out of Heston’s include the South Rim, the Bryce Breon, and the Border Route Trail.  Just up the road, the Magnetic Rock trail and the Centennial Trail are both perfect for the ‘shoes.  Many modern snowshoes have claws on the bottom, to offer extra grip when traversing the hills.  Some people enjoy using ski poles for extra stability when on the trail.

Heston’s has both traditional and Red Feather brand snowshoes available, if you would like to give this sport a try.  We have adult and child sizes. This is a great activity for kids to try, as they can scramble anywhere.  A young fellow once complained to me, while on snowshoes for the very first time, that they were not keeping him on top of the snow.  I replied that only birds can be truly on top, but at least he wasn’t sinking in to his knees!