The Bear Score

Since my last post, the bear came to visit again. He took one look at my hasp, and made short work of bending it and tearing it out of the frame. I could almost hear echoes of his laugh as I looked it over. He actually did do some more damage, in that he put a decent claw mark on to the front of the door, and some smaller puctures on the side. Of course, his next step was to once again scatter the garbage as he looked for morsels to eat. At this point, I was feeling like the score for this game was Bear---2, Barb--1. I took the garbage to the canister, and left the shed empty for the night. I think he did come back, because the door was ajar the next morning.

The next day, our friend Tim came over, having decided to join me in my bear games. Tim had a great plan. He used a steel cable and attached it to a come-along, so that we can tighten the cable around the whole shed. He put up some braces on the corners, to hold the cable, and a few screws to hold the hooks when it is not under tension. Then he put some rags on the cable across the door. For an extra measure, we put some pieces of iron down through the porch slats, to brace the bottom of the door.

No word from the Alaska travelers, but I expect that they may be on their way down towards Valdez. I checked the weather report, and it looked like mostly cloudy days, with some showers possible, and temps in the forties and fifties. Not the best, but at least it didn't predict snow!

Here on the Gunflint, we are enjoying a sunny, windy day. The lake started out calm, but then really kicked up by noon, and we had a "Wes" wind upon us. Yesterday, we got about two inches of rain, and once again, it was coursing down to the lake. It was enough to postpone the prescribed burns that are planned for the eastern end of Gunflint Lake. The forestry will try again next week, if the weather cooperates.
The ravens have been vocal and busy lately. They seem to be flying in groups, hanging out in the treetops, and calling to each other all the time. When I walk by, they start up with their calls, as I am an intruder. I think of them as little gangs, dressed in black leather jackets! Of course, they really are a good-looking bird, and one of my favorites here in the woods. I just wish I knew what it is they are saying to each other.