Sort of Nature Related

For anyone who has been in our kitchen, I wanted to post this photo. Greg has been working to get the new birch table and cooktop finished and installed. We bought the cooktop a few years ago, and he started to build a table for it. Time in the summer is at a premium, so he was able to get only as far as building the top, and cutting pieces for the base. A week or so ago, he brought all those parts into the kitchen, to begin the final assembly.

The kitchen was abuzz with activity for several days, as he attached, glued and sanded the table together. Then he applied a finish coat to the wood, and dropped in the cooktop. Robert and Greg moved it to the center of the kitchen. Yesterday, Greg connected the gas and electric to it, so that by the time our dinner guests arrived, we were cooking on it. Wow! My dad retired from the Duluth Water and Gas company, and one of his favorite expressions was "We're cooking with gas!" And we truly are now, for this stovetop has so much more power than our old one. There'll be some good cooking coming out of this kitchen for many years ahead now.

The table is made primarily of birch, from a tree that went down behind Tamarack cabin a few years ago. I actually heard it go that day---a loud crack and then a crash. Greg cut the tree into lumber himself. The trim on the ends and legs of the table is mesquite wood, brought back from his aunt's ranch in Arizona. Greg also cut that wood. It is a beautful piece of furniture.

On another note, I just got a fishing report. We had a group of folks in for the weekend, who fished mainly right off of our point, out from Cedar Point and Diamond Willow cabins. They are bringing five lake trout home with them, and they caught and released a few lakers. The largest released were around 8-10 pounds. This is good news to hear, as the fishing out front in recent weeks has been quiet. Glad to hear that there is now some action. Maybe we'll get a line in there yet. Then I could cook fresh lake trout on the new cooktop.