Spring Travel

Greetings, not from the Gunflint Trail, but from Montana! We are currently on a spring trip out west, in search of warmer weather. So far, we haven't found it, but we understand that it hasn't warmed up at home yet, either. I guess that it is just destined to be a cold spring. It is still beautiful country, and we are enjoying it in many ways.

We often are asked why we leave such a wonderful place as Gunflint Lake, to go on vacation somewhere else. I think that the answer lies in that by going away for a short while, we appreciate even more that which we get to see on a daily basis. While in Theodore Roosevelt National Park the other day, Addie sighed, and said that it was her third favorite place in the world. Number one is Gunflint Lake, and number two is Alaska. I can understand that. We all concurred that number one for each of us is, and will always be, Gunflint Lake.

Another reason why we travel now is that we enjoy seeing the trees and forests that other people see. We usually go to remote places, and smaller towns, since we feel at home in those areas moreso than in cities. And it gives us an opportunity to see wildlife that we don't get to see at home. We've enjoyed seeing elk, antelope, mule deer, redtail hawks and several smaller birds on our journey so far. A few years ago, when we were visiting Yellowstone Park in the spring, we saw several folks with spotting scopes out. They were all hoping to catch a glimpse of the timber wolves who live in the park. We wanted to see grizzly bears, hoping that one or two would be starting to wake up so early in the season. No luck for us, but we did get to see a wolf, and in the end, that was pretty exciting, too.

And finally, we enjoy traveling, because we can get a chance to camp, something that we don't usually find time for in the busy summer days. We have a few favorite places that we go to for camping, and often times we are out hiking, too. That is very limited this year, because it is a real challenge for me to hike on a trail right now, thanks to my achilles tendon. But the others have done some, and I know that in the future, I will be back out there tromping the trails, looking for animals and treasures in the wild.

We will be back home in a few days, and my cast will be off shortly after that. Spring cleaning will commence in cabins and spring clean-up will be happening outside, as we prepare to re-open in early May for the spring fishing season. The irises and rhubarb will be starting to sprout through the ground, and the leaves will start to bud out. The same things might happen every year, but I always find it new and exciting.