Waiting, not so Patiently

It is the season of anticipation.....Advent now....Christmas just ten days away. But that isn't what had us waiting so impatiently. No, it was That Snowstorm that They kept talking about for three days. The storm warnings came out a day sooner than usual. The weather report was filled with talk of Possibilities. The reason for the early report, we were told, was that this was potentially a very dangerous storm. The catch, however, was that They weren't real sure exactly what track it would take. We just had to wait and see.

I swear, hearing that kind of chatter, when you really Want the snow to fall, can be killer. The first part of the snow was to fall last evening, with perhaps three to five inches as a result. It took a long time for the snow to arrive, and when it did, it was light. It barely covered the tracks outside. It was easy to see, as the remnants of the recent full moon were illuminating the snow through the thin cloud cover. We woke up several times in the night, anticipating, hoping, that the real snow had arrived. Greg finally got up at five o'clock, perhaps to watch and wait some more, without being bothered by feigning sleep.

When I got up, it still wasn't snowing. We diligently checked the internet weather reports and the radar maps, and indeed, a large blue mass "seemed" to be headed our way. It sure was moving slowly though. By eleven a.m., we had turned into miserable skeptics. We began to recount the many times we'd been promised snow, only to be on the fringes of the storm. It's hard to be satisfied with three inches, when twenty-some miles directly south, as the crow flies, two feet has fallen. We were sure that this snow event was headed towards that same sad ending.

Happily--Most happily, I might add--we were wrong. It finally kicked up around one this afternoon, and it has been snowing steadily since. It's starting to pile up, that lovely fluffy, dry and powdery type of snow. It's dark now as I write, but for several hours this afternoon, we couldn't see Canada. That's our usual way to gauge how hard it is snowing: whether or not we can see across the lake to the shore three-quarters of a mile away. Robert just came in from a trek over to Sharlene's, and he said that it is still snowing hard. Greg is out plowing, to try to keep up with his obligations. He loves this kind of work.

We're happy! Tomorrow we'll be out there with shovels, using that snow to bank the cabins to keep them warmer. We'll be clearing paths, and cleaning up. It's going to be great. I'll bring my camera along so that I can post some pictures. Just in time for Christmas!

8:30 P.M. ETA: I forgot to mention earlier that our phones have been out all day, as they were
at the end of last week, as well. (Sigh...) The phone challenges that we had last winter seem to have returned. If you need to reach us, please drop us an email. info@hestons.com Hopefully the phone company will be able to sort out this mess soon.

And it is still snowing!