What a Great Winter

I love to see the thick covering on the rooftops. Of course, this means that some roofs have needed shoveling. Fortunately, we had kids around to help with that. I'm not very good with heights. In years past, I would get up on a roof if I really needed to, but tend to avoid it now if someone else is willing.
I'd rather be on the ground, seeing things at this level. Recently, I had the opportunity to go out with Greg when he was grooming the ski trails. The Pisten Bully groomer does an amazing job of smoothing out the trail and leaving new tracks.

Doesn't it just make you want to get out the skis and poles?

Looks like we are in for a cold night, but then a bit of a warm-up. We got a few inches of fresh snow a day or so ago, so the trails will be in terrific shape this weekend. Snowshoeing is prime right now, too. So much snow, so many options for fun!