Waiting for Ice

Today I have borrowed another one of the photos I took on Friday, to post here. It's a little difficult to see, but in the foreground, the rocks of the lake bottom are visible. It's not very often that Gunflint Lake calms down enough to catch this in a picture. We still seem to be several days away from freezing, but if the ice should form when it is calm and clear like this, then it is possible to peer through the ice, and see that same view of the lake bottom. It's a pretty cool thing when that happens.

Not too many years ago, the bay of Lake Superior around Duluth froze up. It was so fascinating for people, they took to the ice, with skates, with skis, and I'd assume with fishing equipment, too. A young girl was exploring off of Park Point and discovered a shipwreck, by looking through the glass-like surface of the ice. I tried to find some information on it, and here is a link that I came up with: Documenting Sophie .

I doubt that we will ever see a shipwreck right off of our shores here, but it is fun just the same, to explore that mysterious underwater world. Now if only the ice comes, and cooperates.