Street Cleaners Spotted on Gunflint Trail

Once again, we were hanging out on the Sag Lake Trail this past Sunday. This time, it was strictly for pleasure, with a Mother's Day car ride and picnic on the agenda. As it turned out, it was also an excellent day for spotting wildlife! We met up with a moose who was quite content to lay in the road, and just relax. No way was this one getting up to leave, until we put the car in first gear after fifteen minutes of watching and waiting. No other cars came along in that time, and we really enjoyed seeing it for so long.

Next, we headed up to the campground at the end of the trail, and had a wonderful time watching the eagles, buzzards, ravens and seagulls. They all were in attendance to keep their sharp eyes on the river that runs between Seagull and Gull Lakes. Since it is a spawning area for walleyes, it is also a good feasting spot for these birds of prey.

On our way back down, I glanced up the Sag Lake Trail, and two moose were crossing the road. We turned around to go back and see them. They, too, were quite interested in hanging out in the road, and as a result, we got this little show:

Wonders never cease up here in the woods!

P.S. Greg's been watching Rawhide lately--can you tell?