Portaging Boat Ramps

Saturday brought together a crack team of carpenters to accomplish a long-awaited task: new boat ramps for the beach. Greg organized the labor and supplies. Working off a sketch on a scrap of paper, Paul and Joe put together the prototype. After putting the winch on the front of the ramp, we carried it down to the beach to give it a try.

Only the barge has been put into the water thus far, so we took advantage of the extra young muscle, and pulled the Lund down to test it out. We got the boat into the water, and then with the aid of the winch, I was able to crank it up and out of the water. Hooray! I am always searching for ways to make my life easier, and these fellows had just done it for me.

They came back up to the workshop, and our friend James joined them. In under an hour, three more ramps were assembled. The guys portaged them down to the beach, where they now wait for a bit of rearranging. (Isn't that the hallmark of a woman? I just want them in a certain place on our beach!) Soon we will have boats and motors sitting pretty on their ramps, all set for fishing and exploring.Finally! A smart way to store and move our boats, in and out of the water. I thought back to the fall of 2005, when Greg and the boys went to Alaska for four weeks. Addie was home with me, but between the two of us, we couldn't budge the boats very far off the beach. Greg rigged up some of his tree-removal equipment for me to use for the task: a strap and a rope come-along. While it worked adequately, it was cumbersome to carry back forth, as well as to use. This solution will be so much better.

Thank you to Greg, Paul, Joe and James!