Make Way

The exercise of clearing out stuff from our storage building resulted in treasures finding new homes, and fresh, open spaces where the items used to be. What a great maybe I am regaining a bit of order in my life. It's amazing how possessions can have the power to control us at times. The key, I realize, is management, and that I haven't been managing well. Now I have the chance for a new start.

We had a discussion about space...can it be created?...because that is what I feel like we did. More likely, space is like matter, and can neither be created nor destroyed. It just is. So even if I didn't create space as such, I realized some now-empty room, and I can make use of it in a different way. In the immediate case, I am going to continue the clean-out, and I can do it in the storage building (also known as our laundry building. A long time ago, Peggy would do laundry out there.) Yesterday, we worked outside on the lawn. I guess we don't have to air our dirty laundry in public anymore! Sorry--bad pun.

Greg and I have lived in the lodge building for twenty-two years, and only a time or two have we done a major clean out. The most recent was in 2004 when we re-roofed the building. Actually, it's taken me a few years to finish that sorting project. At least with the storage building, I don't need to look at it everyday. The constant sight of the mess didn't necessarily motivate me to get it done quicker, it just depressed me. Time was the biggest challenge. I guess like space and matter, spare time also cannot be created. But I find if I can remove some things that have served a purpose for us and are no longer needed, then my mind opens up to think more creatively.

One aspect of this cleaning is that we are making room on the screen porch. Since the roofing project, it has been housing old stuff, and we haven't really taken the time to re-do the screens and enclose it again. That will be happening, and none-too-soon for me. June evenings on the screen porch, with daylight until nearly ten, are a treat I really enjoy. It will be nice to reclaim them.