Strange Finds in the Woods

All of the raven activity reminded me of a funny sighting last fall. We were on our way home from church one Sunday, when we saw a raven fly across the Gunflint Trail. It was carrying something green in its beak. Odd, we remarked, as it was a vivid shade of green that seemed totally out of place in the forest. As we got closer, we were able to get a better look at what it was. The bird was carrying an empty twenty-ounce soda pop bottle.

Immediately Greg spun a scenario for us, of how things would be once that raven came home to the nest with his latest treasure. Mr. Raven arrives home, and drops the bottle into the nest. Mrs. Raven says, "What are you bringing this junk home for? We can't use that in the nest!" And she tosses it overboard to the ground below. Mr. Raven feels a bit chastised and embarrassed. "I was just trying to help!" Mrs. Raven says, "Well, get on out there and find some sticks and things then!"

We laughed, but then thought about the possible day in the future when some hiker in the woods comes across a green pop bottle in the most improbable place, and wonders how the heck it got there. I had a moment like that once. We were exploring on the shore of North Lake, and I happened to look down to see a bunch of little black rubber circles. Then I started to spot snippets of what looked like purple ribbon. What a curious find amidst the natural setting, in a place that looked as though no one had been there for years. I looked up, and could see the remnants of what seemed to be a bouquet of black balloons. Had someone accidentally released a bunch of helium filled balloons? What were the odds of me finding it that day, who knows how many years later? Questions to ponder for which I will never know the answer.