Collections....I read recently that nearly everyone has one of some kind. Though I don't want to admit it, I probably do have one myself, of yarn and fabric and beads. It's my stash, but it could be classified as a collection as well.

When I was on garbage detail the other day, I took a look at the walls and realized that the beer bottle collection had grown to epic proportions. Greg started this group of souvenirs long before I knew him. At one point after we were married, he thought about recycling the whole lot, mainly for lack of a place to display them. The boys were against it, so he hung on to them. Time came to build a new shed for the garbage and recyling cans, and he realized that it would also be a great place to display all of the beer bottles.

For several years now, these have graced the shelves. Occasionally they stir up some conversation, and once in a while we find a new bottle added to the group. Mostly, I don't notice them, since I head in to drop off bags, or to sort the sacks of bottles, cans and plastics headed for the recycling trailer.

But the other day, the light shining in the windows was just right, and it made me take another look. I had to snap a few photographs, as a result. It's fun, having things like this in unexpected places. It makes sense for a bottle collection to be in this shed. The only downside is that it's not the nicest place to linger to study things over. But an upside to it is that I don't have to worry about dusting all those bottles off!