It's A Blue Monday

But definitely not in the traditional sense. The sky was an intense blue this morning, as was the lake. And many other things were blue, too.
The one inch of rain that fell between Friday and Saturday was a big boost for all of the flowers and plants out there. Over time, it should help the lake a bit, though as a friend put it: We could use two or three more of those. Still, we're happy with any little bit that comes down.

As I went about my chores today, toting the camera, Greg asked what I was doing. When I explained the blue pictures, he asked for the camera, and contributed the next two. Collaboration at its finest!

Despite the clouds, it was a good weekend. Fishermen and women reported some results in both the walleye and the trout category. Seems the trout are deep, but with the right line, lures and location, success can be found. Paul has been giving it a go the last few days, but so far hasn't found that correct combo. But he said that he is enjoying it.

One more blue thing made it onto the scene. Yesterday morning I baked blueberry scones in the bread oven, again using residual heat from Saturday night. They were mighty tasty, and disappeared after church in a jiffy. That reminds me: We are once again hosting an 11:30 service of the Life in Christ Lutheran church, each Sunday through Labor Day. We love to have guests join us, as we gather outdoors for worship.

The birds continue to chirp merrily, but the hummingbird feeder has been quiet. They must be busy nesting, and wouldn't that be a marvelous thing to see. In this season of babies, we've seen little grouse, toddler squirrels, and a baby bunny. I haven't seen any moose calves, or fawns yet, but will keep an eye out for them.

The only thing that was a sad blue for today was that Blogger was down for a while this morning. My apologies for a delayed posting, but as they say, it was due to technical difficulties. If that was the only bad thing, though, I'd say we're doing pretty well here! Hoping that you are, too.