And it's still raining....But the phones are back!

Oh, yes, it's still raining, although not as hard.  Considering that the rain gauge is now up to 3.5 inches, we are doing really very well here.  Maybe we are getting better at this.  Or maybe our boats were already pulled up as high as they can go.  The cabins are all in great shape; the roads haven't washed out; we checked on a couple of the neighbors docks and boats, and all was well.  We did have one boat a bit under the weather this morning, but with the help of several guys and a pump, even that wasn't a bad task.  All in all, we seem to be faring well.

When the big rains came over the Memorial weekend, the forecast talked about "copius amounts of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico." This system didn't have quite such a fancy description, so I am not sure where all of this water has come from.  But it's finding it's way into Gunflint Lake, and we are again on the watch for escaping boats and docks.  The next few days are supposed to be nice and sunny, so perhaps we'll just have to go for another barge ride.

This is a good representation of how dark and grey it has been the last day. But my favorite part of this picture is that it's good to see Eduardo prepared for the weather.  His hard hat surely is keeping his hair a lot drier than his sombrero would have.  And he's ready for work!