Early Morning Songs

Early morning in July....the birds beginning to wake, the ravens carrying on their conversations.  Through the years of living here, we've always had quiet mornings inside.  But that is not true of the outside world. So far today, I've heard white throated sparrows singing to each other, blue jays cawing, an oven bird proclaiming the day, and of course, the ravens.  Their full-throated calls as they fly by easily wake a person trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep. It's as if they are wondering "Why isn't everyone up?"  

And when I did get up, I could see why they feel that way. It's beautiful out.  The sky was patterned with lingering clouds, reflecting the last edges of the night's grey shadows.  Soon the trees were glimmering with the early traces of the rising sun. More quickly than I expected (even though I've seen this countless times by now) the sun was full up, in my eyes, as I sat here on the couch with my morning cup. How is it that this basic, often repeated ritual, can bring such happiness?

People seem to have a favorite season. Many say fall because of the colors that paint themselves across the landscape. Others say winter, presumably due to the snow. I love summer, because it gives me an energy that is different from the other seasons. Maybe it's because of the continued warmth I feel, so that I don't have to bundle up to stay comfortable.  Maybe it's the abundant sunshine, that magnificent source of energy for so much in the plant and animal world. Maybe it's because of the simple pleasures that I see all around me. Whatever it is, I take it and I savor it.  It's not unusual for me to repeat this phrase at this time of the year: Soon enough, it will be winter again. I'm going to love this sunshine and heat while we have it.