The Playground in the Front Yard

At some point each winter, we have a thaw that melts away the snow on top of the lake ice.  This happened earlier this year, in February, and for a few days the lake was very wet.  Once the colder weather returned, the surface re-froze on top of the thicker ice below.  Not a lot of snow has fallen since then, and when it has, the wind has taken care of sweeping it off the ice.  The end result is an amazing surface on the lake that provides a playground of sorts. 

From my view in the lodge, I can see some white patcheson the ice, and lots of grey swaths.  I can also see (and hear) lots of traffic.  Not only are there snowmobiles and four-wheelers traversing the lake, we also have been seeing trucks and cars.  You may recall my post of a few days ago, with the Volkswagen beetle just off of our point.  Sometimes it feels a bit like a mini-rush hour out there, as the vehicles head back from their eastern fishing spots at the end of the day.  But I wanted a closer look at things, so I took a walk out there to take a few photos.  Here is a gallery of some of the sights from the flattest stretch of earth we can find up here right now.