November 25, 2012

The last few weeks have been mostly about firewood.  We're making progress!

From this:

To this:

The scenario has been repeating itself all over our property for quite a while now.  Like the squirrels gathering seeds and nuts, we have been scurrying to split and stack the wood that will keep us warm this winter.

And speaking of winter, we went from this:

To this:

Last week was mostly balmy, temps in the high 40's, and even the 50's.  We loved the warmer weather, without bugs, for getting the work done.  Leading up to the change, the weather report was playing with me.  Snow was predicted---or should I say "threatened", as they wrote it up in the hazardous weather outlook.  I was sure that the prospect was doomed.  I felt no threat of snow, only the potential threat of disappointment if it didn't come through.

But on Thursday afternoon, it began to rain, and by evening it had switched to snow.  We were told to expect two to four inches.  In the end, we were blessed with six to eight.  The heavy nature of it took a bit of a toll on the trees, as they curved and bent under the weight.  I liberated several on a walk from the point.  It was mainly small birches that were leaning.  We did lose a large cedar on the road by Cedar Point.  That is always a disappointment, but in this case, I now have the cedar sprigs that I need for my cards.  So there is a silver lining, despite a hole in the skyscape there.

Last night, it began to snow again, and we received another four inches, a real light and fluffy variety. Overall, that puts us in the neighborhood of about ten inches for the start of our season.  It's nice to have it come in a larger drop like this.  I do believe it will be sticking around, providing a good blanket in the early part of the season. 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, surrounded by family and friends.  We look forward to the upcoming weeks, filled with more celebrations, and hopefully lots more snow, too.