A Canoe Ride

October 31, 2012

It took all of the summer and part of the fall, but I finally found some time for a canoe ride last week.  We were treated to one of those exceptionally calm days.  It was the kind of day that just begs for someone to be out canoeing.  Though I am not a fan of cold water, how could I resist?

Paul agreed to humor me, and he capably manned the stern.  After two canoe trips this summer, he is quite adept and in shape for this.  Me, not so much.  My shoulders were protesting after just a dozen strokes! Evidently, the muscle and joint action required for folding sheets and towels does not put one into shape for canoe paddling.  No matter, I would just pause for a moment or two to take photos, and then resume.  Pretty soon it wasn't a problem.

Due to that afore-mentioned cold water, we did not venture far from shore.  But we did head to both the west and the east. The sun on the water provided some good light for photos, and kept me warm.  Since the lake was so still, we could see the bottom.  Had we tipped, I knew we weren't going to be in the water long.

As we rounded the point to come home, one of our guests was starting a campfire.  The wafting smoke filled the air and delighted my sense of smell.  A little aromatherapy to accompany my short canoe excursion.  It might not have been as long as if I'd taken time to do this jaunt sooner, but it certainly filled the bill to round out my summer.