Last Hurrah for the Colors

October 29, 2012

While going through my photos recently, I was again struck by the lovely colors we had this fall.  I couldn't let them go completely without one last look at some of those hues.  Winter is vibrant in its own way, but the colors of autumn really can tug at me.


It was amazing to me how long my flowers lasted this year.  Despite cold temperatures and occasional frost, the ones near to the lodge managed to hang on for more days than I expected.  I like growing flowers. If I can manage to keep them alive, they give me their bright sunny faces.  In the case of this daisy, I was pretty pleased to see this color combination.

But now it's the time of transition, when we go from a sunny calm day to one filled with blustery winds and rain and snow showers. It's the struggle between the seasons, and of course, we all know who is going to win this one. But for this moment, I will savor a couple more "lasts" of October and the gifts that it gave to me.