Perfect Ending

Sunday was a perfect spring day.  It was the final day of our annual gathering of the Northern Ale Stars homebrew guild, and it provided the weather we had all been waiting for.  Two days prior, it had snowed, not surprisingly.  But when the skies cleared and the sun's warmth penetrated our bodies, we all breathed a big sigh of gratitude,  and gathered for some relaxation.

The temptation was strong to launch a watercraft, ice cold water notwithstanding.  But somehow, we couldn't muster the energy to put the barge into the water.  It was just so wonderful to sit and welcome the warmer weather while enjoying a good beer.  In my case, I was having some tasty mead, made with honey and berries.  A little like wine, a little like beer, it was all good.

Later, as the skies began to cloud up, we moved to the campfire circle.  Once the sun disappears, reality comes back to remind us that we are still early in this new season.  We had good conversation and many laughs, while listening to an occasional song from the ukelele. 

It was a great way to finish out a wonderful weekend with some longtime friends, and a good way to welcome springtime to the Northwoods.